1. Your Rent Includes:

@  Unlimited mileage for all vehicles@ Rental period is calculated based on 24 hours a day basis.     

@  Insurance – (Collision Damage Waiver) – theft insurance (Theft Protection) , third liability insurance (3rd Party Liability)

2. Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) 

Collision Damage Waiver reduces the renter’s liability from the total cost of the damage to an excess amount, where applicable,unless the renter intentionally causes the damage,in case, Traffic accidents are caused by third parties, for example: 
you rent a vehicle accidentally to third vehicle collision, traffic police accident reports, Proof is not your negligence, for example under the effect, collision damage Waiver (CDW) will guarantee your loss.

However, in some cases there will be exclusions. For example, if the renter accidentally causes serious damage to the vehicle under normal driving, you will be required to bear the penalty. as follows:

3. Theft Insurance (Theft Waiver TW)  

Theft insurance (TW) can reduce the amount of tenant liability and compensation in the event of theft or damage to the
vehicle or for trying to steal the vehicle caused the loss of. 

If it is lost because of your negligence caused, you may be required to bear all the losses.

4. Third Liability Insurance (3rd Party Liability) 

Unlimited cover third-party liability and property damage insurance of vehicles up to RM 3,000,000 (excess liability).

5. Car Accessory small malfunction

If the car accessory are not work, such as air condition, light, radio, tire get nail, or the car still can drive, then please go to the nearby car accessory workshop even distance 50km, renter also need to go. Not provide change car service as above, except the car engine break down, accident.

6. Car meter display Alert

if car dashboard have any symbols bright or any happen,please stop the car immediately,then call the car rental company to ask direct handling.

if you continue driving,causing the car to be reimbursed / Broken,you will have to be reponsible for all the repair costs. 

7. Unlimited mileage

Unlimited mileage only for rental min 2 day ,if 1 day rental maximum mileage 200 KM, over 200km must charge more 1 day rental fee. 

8. * Illegal modification of components removed car rental

In order to ensure that no changes are made to the motor vehicle or any removed parts, the company reserves the legal right to investigate the car rental modification and disassembly of the parts. 

9. One Way Rental Fee

Should the vehicle returned at a different city location, one way rental would be applied. subject to 8% government tax.

(only available for car rental for more than 5 days)

* Different location Pick Up / Drop off between in KLIA 1 and KLIA2 or v.v,Will be extra charge MYR 30

* Different location Pick Up / Drop off between in Airport and Kuala Lumpur Downtown or v.v,Will be extra charge MYR 85

* Different location Pick Up / Drop off between Kuala Lumpur to Penang Airport or v.v,Will be extra charge MYR 550
* Different location Pick Up / Drop off between Johor Bahru to Penang Airport or v.v,Will be extra charge MYR 950

10. Other smoking

non-smoking car , including durian, vomit, animals, etc., are not allowed to emit foul smell of the vehicle, the renter is responsible for fees from RM250 and above, To eliminate the aroma. renter are not allowed to smoke inside the car.

11. Emergency Hot line

Please call Galaxy Asia Car Rental rescue number as stated in the Rental Agreement folder. In the event of accident do not arrange for towing until you get Galaxy Asia Car Rental representatives  advise. 
Lodge a police report at the nearest police station within 24 hours of its occurrence.+6012-3680 117  +6012-3993 822,

12. Out of operation office hours fee

Airport operation office hour 08:00AM to 18:59PM.
*Out Of Hour Airport Counter – 19.00PM to 21.59PM Will be extra charge MYR 80 ,After 22.00PM to 11.59PM Will extra charge MYR 150,After 24.00AM to 7.59AM Will extra charge MYR 250.
DownTown office operation office hour 10:00AM to 17:59PM.
* Kuala Lumpur town office – 18.00PM to 19.59PM will be extra charge MYR 80 ,After 20.01PM to 22.00PM Will extra charge MYR 150.

13. Car Battery

Before off engine,please check Electrical system in car is swift off,your misstake will charge MYR 400 
(change the new battery, you need to wait 2-3 hours, service time 10AM-9PM)

14. General emergency

On the last day rental agreement of the vehicle, the car was in a state of emergency such as: vehicle engine failure, battery failure, tire puncture, and the cause and effect of the accident to go to the police station to report the accident.
The inconvenience caused by the abnormality of the vehicle may result in the inability to fly back to the country smoothly, and also result in the loss of the ticket purchased by the renter, the loss of time and various tangible or intangible derivative losses, the company will not be liable any losses for compensation for the inconvenience caused by abnormal vehicle, 
Emergency rescue during normal business hours: 08:00 – 22:00. In different cities – 2 to 3 hours to arrive
Emergency Rescue outside business hours : 22 : 01 – 07: 59 in different cities – 4 to 6 hours to arrive

15. Drop off car airport parking traffic violation summons 

The company has a car rental counter and designated parking spaces at each airport. renter must return the vehicle to the designated parking space. vehicle not allow drive to airport arrival / departure parking, the company staff not allow pick up car / drop off car in there,
If there is a police fine, the penalties for violations (violation fines), the relevant fines must be paid by the renter. For example – the renter can not find a car rental counter or car rental designated parking space at the airport drop off the vehicle.
The result is that the flight cannot be returned to the country smoothly, and the ticket that the renter bought before is scrapped, 
the loss of time and various tangible or intangible derivative losses, the company will not be liable any losses for compensation for the inconvenience caused by abnormal vehicle.

16.Tire puncture

Tightening in a tire or colliding with certain hard objects during driving, the renter must be responsible for changing the new tire.
If the tire is naturally puncture during driving, it must be handed over to a nearby tire repair shop for evaluation. all vehicle has spare tire.
If there is a puncture, the renter must change the tires by himself. The rescue hotline only provides that the car engine is breakdown or accident.

17. Highway standard speed limit

Highway – 70 km to 110 km
Country road – 50 km to 90 km
There is a lot of rain in Malaysia. The tenants are required to drive safely on rainy days. Generally, the highways are driven from 50 km to 90 km on rainy days and from 30 km to 70 km on rural roads.
All car are equipped with navigational vehicles, such as you are reckless,Speeding causes the car to be severely damaged and you will bear the full cost of a serious car damage.

18.Extension Of Rental

The notice must be given 24 hours in advance. If there is a case, another renter has already booked the same model during this time. the renter must return the rental car.If the rental period expires without lessor agreeing to continue renting, the company has no way. Delivery to another  renter, lessor has the right to charge 3 times the rental fee ,

Failure to do so may mean the Renter is driving the vehicle without CDR coverage. 

19.Young Driver

Minimum driver age: 23 years old.
A driver holding a driving license Minimum age: 2 years.
The driver must hold a valid driver’s license for more than two years, if the driver’s license photo holders, driving license must provide the text and photo part simultaneously. You need to show your driver’s license notarized originals (official authorization) Translation and attachment rental. English translation of driver’s license for all countries Car, Young driver surcharge is not included in the rental price. It is paid in local currency in the rental counter.

20.Deposit requirements

Take your rental car, you need to pay in the form of the following text listed provide deposit
Credit Card – Mastercard / Visa ,AUTH Deposit Min RM 1200
Credit card under the name of the credit card must be the main driver.
Credit cards must be the main driving force of the name
*Gentle reminder that WE DO NOT ACCEPT any Union Pay, AMEX, Visa / Master DEBIT card, Visa/ Master PREPAID Card & virtual card. Please ensure you holding physical AUTHENTIC Credit Card for deposit charge. 
In extracting your rental vehicle, you will be asked to deliver value equivalent to the amount of compensation from the deposit.
Make sure you have a large enough restrictions to pay extra.
Under you can not produce a valid credit card or lack of sufficient funds available on the credit card, Car rental agent may refuse to release the vehicle. In this case, the funds are not paid will be reimbursed.

** Please Ready documents For Pick up

@@  Credit card Visa/Mastercard

@@  Passport ( Foreigners  )

@@  ID card ( Malaysia Citizen)

@@  Driving license ( Country )

@@  International Driving Permit ( IDP )


21. Flights delayed / late

If the book you enter a flight number and arrival flight delays (in booking interface), Galaxy Asia Car Rental, The continuing operations know your flight arrives.
Please ensure the start time @ Car consistent with the expected arrival time of the plane, so that staff confirm flights.
Out of hours fee: Any rents start outside normal office hours (including due to flight delays) Will bear a certain fee and pay locally.

22. Fuel policy

Your rental car to take is to fill the tank. You are also required to fill the tank car also, otherwise they will be charged the corresponding gasoline costs.
refueling error gasoline, you will bear the full cost of serious car damage.

23. Car Brand & model

Vehicle display models use the most common vehicles among our car rental partners. We cannot guarantee that the brand or model of the rental vehicle will be the same vehicle displayed on our website.

24. Vehicle performance & Model

It has a maximum limit to the number of all vehicles carrying personnel. Galaxy Asia Car Rental Because the consequences of not overburdening caused passengers and baggage responsible.
You can find the passenger a reasonable amount of information on our website.For example, the up and down hills are not enough power, the back box of the model is not big enough, the driving power is not enough in normal driving, and the individual behavior is not good driving. In this case, the car cannot be changed.
You can find a reasonable amount of information on the passengers on our website.

25.  State / National Cross-border tourism

Transnational travel all international / national allowed.
All cars are not allowed to be driven into Sabah, Sarawak, all Malaysian Islands, Singapore, Thailand, Brunei and Indonesia.
Vehicles can not travel anywhere without pre-approval ferry or car on the island in.

26.  Vehicle Condition

Upon return, the car has to be in the same condition as when it was rented. Failing which, the renter will be liable for the cost of restoring the vehicle to it’s original condition.

27.  car rental accident damage

If the vechile is seriously damaged, the company needs to schedule maintenance, the vehicle can not continue to rent, the company will charge an additional parking fee / operating loss,Towing fee 
For example, when an accident occurs in a vechile and the car is seriously damaged, the engine is not fully activated. The company will change another car to the renter. In an emergency, there is no designated vehicle choice,The renter must be responsible for all towing costs.
There is an additional fee for changing the car service in different cities. The fee is MYR 500 and a 6% government tax is required.
Car change service in different city Arrived in 6 to 8 hours

28.  Rates are subject to 8% Government Service Tax.

8% SST is also applicable on services such as delivery collection, one-way rental, GPS / satellite navigation system, baby seat.

or any other optional services which may require by renter.

29.  About summons / subpoena retrieve 

About traffic violation summons (speeding, parking in bus lanes being, etc.):
Many government agencies instruct Galaxy Asia Car Rental to provide customers with relevant information about the traffic violations. 
Within 1-3 months after the lease, this information will be required In this case, traffic violation summons will be deducted from your bank credit card.

30.  Cancellation Rental Car policy

Full terms of our cancellation policy can be found on our website under Our Terms and Conditions.

Or during the booking process under”Important Information”:

FULLY PAID at the time of booking: Can be cancelled free of charge up to 48 hours before the start of the rental.

Reservations cancelled within 48 hours of the start of the rental will be charged a fee equal to the cost of a 3-day rental.

The renter and the booking amount that were not pick up the car at the beginning of the lease period were all scrapped.

31.  IMPORTANT WARNING :The company severely fined

Deliberate damage to the vehicle caused by the action of alcohol or drugs, or negligence of the renter, such as carelessness, dozing off during driving, sliding the phone, running recklessly, not driving with traffic signs, speeding,

Dangerous or negligent driving, refueling error, you will bear the full cost of serious car damage.

@ The renter hereby confirms and acknowledges that he was present during the inspection of the vehicle by the Galaxy Asia Car Rental agent and that all information stated are correct.

@ If the renter returns the car to the rental agent, please remove all personal belongings and valuables from the vehicle as Galaxy Asia Car Rental will not be liable for any losses.


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Sunday: 08:00AM - 19:00PM

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